i was standing at the top of the garden path at my parents house.
across the road is a newsagent and a hot food take away.
my mum was over in the take away getting chips.

as i stood looking over the road i saw a young girl aged maybe 8 or 9 walking towards the shops. she was dressed like a slut - a tight red sleeveless top, tight black leggings that came down to her mid-calf, and, (best of all) black high heeled shoes. i watched her walking along and thought to myself  - "you just look like a dirty wee slut". she was dressed well beyond her young years, she was sexualised.

my mind wandered and i imagined i am single and living on my own. I imagine being in the chip shop, making eye contact with her, smiling and saying hi. she would say hi back. She would sit down beside me, then i would ask her if she has a boyfriend. she will say no, and i will ask can i be her boyfriend? she would blush and go all shy on me, but i would get her mobile number and give her a text later asking to meet at my flat.
i imagine french kissing her, giving her a glass of wine as we lie on the sofa together watchin DVDs. then we kiss more and we head to my bed. i imagine us naked, french kissing, cuddling each other, the feel of her warm bare skin against mine. we cuddle together and fall asleep in my bed.

When my mum came back from the chip shop, she mentioned the girl i had been watching, said she was "dressed far older than she is".

i had a little smile to myself....







Finally found my way back here after almost a year
i need to have some were i can talk about my feelings / lusts / wants / desires / fantasies

bit of background - i am a 36 year old male, married father of 3 kids

i was introduced to sex at a very young age - i am sure i was 10 or under, by MMR - a male who was / is 3 years older than me. he started by masterbating me, then giving me oral, then finally holding me down and forcing his cock up me on his bed when i was 13. i can remember exactly how he worded it - did i know how to get this really good feeling? i said no, then he led me off across the fields and behind a hedge to show me.

i never told any1 what was happening. my mates had no idea, my parents had no idea. i kept it all quiet because i liked it. i wanted it. i returned the favour for him even from that early age, masterbating him, sucking him, although i never fucked him.

i have 2 older brothers, M & P. P is 8 years older, M 6 years older. when i was 12 or 13, P cane home again and i ended up sharing a bed woth M for about 6 months. During that time he touched me - i felt his hands on me during the night, feeling my cock, masterbating me and then ducking under the duvet to suck me off. he used to use my hand to masterbate himself as well. and all the time i pretended i was asleep, never daring to let him know i was wide awake.

and the memories of what happened back then excite me more than anything. the thought that i was 10 years old with a cock in my mouth turns me on even to this day. how i wish i could be a fly on the wall watching myself do all those things happening to me.

but this leaves me confused and scared.
why do i like these memories?
why do i enjoy that he did all that to me?
why did i let him?
was it abuse?
is it abuse if i actually enjoyed it and wanted it?

because of what happened, i now have a fetish / lust / fantasy for early sex. 
i am a voyeur through and through. for me the thrill of catching a glimpse of something i shouldnt, seeing someone naked i shouldnt, is the biggest thrill of all.  

i dont like that i feel like this, have these lusts. it makes me depressed. i should not want this. should not like this. should not lust after this. at times, i really, really hate myself. i think i am disgusting, depraved. if any1 knew my Darkside, my innermost lusts, i would kill myself with shame.

my head is really, really fucked.
i cant help my feelings, but i hate myself for having them.
i love my memories of what happened to me, but they should disgust me
i hate myself for not being disgusted by them#
i hate that i like them

despite of all this, i am going to start a diary - a Dirty Diary - to record my little sightings and thoughts from day to day, week to week. Maybe this will help me look into myself and realise i need help (although i know this already?). Maybe it will help get rid of my feelings.

i just need some sort of outlet before my head explodes.
i want to cry

The blackness returns lately
i have no will to live

i step back and take a look at myself - what do i see?
a useless fucker.

the best way i ever heard it described was by Orla  - she said that she felt her bf at the time was "sucking the life out of her" - i think my will to live is slowly being sucked out of me.

no good as a husband, no good as a son, no good as a dad, no good as a man, no fucking good full stop.
i dont feel real? my life is a mixed up blur of fantasy / reality - i am living in a daze, a misty fog. everything i do is a lie. my whole life is a lie. i just drift along. no idea were i am going. no idea what is going to become of me from 1 day to the next.  i am just waiting to be caught out, then it will all come crashing down. i think i am close to the edge.

if i had the guts i would do the decent thing and take my own life - but it would break my parents hearts
E & L would be better off if i wasnt there
B would be better off if i wasnt there

i just fucking loathe myself for who i am - my life is such a mess.
i will lose the house, maybe my wife and children, which is prob a good thing for them.

fuck this anyway.



following on from the seeds sown in Lisa (Part 2)....

i woke early, about 6, completely naked. lisa was lying beside me naked, and i suddenly remembered the night before... omg!

i nugdged her awake and gave her a hug. she seemed but distant but was probably just tired. she mumbled something about bed and she slipped out from under the duvet. god she was cute. i drifted off again... 

Emma had been texting all morning to her "secret" boyfrend, showing texts to lisa and both giggling at each other. i had my plan well thought out in my head.

i left lisa home at about midday, but emma came but there was no fun to be had in that sense.
we came back and emma ran for a bath, i had a shave.

what you gonna do later? i asked, wondering
just maybe go to kelli's she says, looking at her feet.
you want a lift round then? 
no no its ok i will walk, she blurted out quickly
you sure its no problem? i says, trying not to laugh. she was starting to panic in case her plans fell through.
no its ok dad i wanna walk, she says. her face was bright red, a terriable liar lol

I left the house at 12.30 and drove down to the shops, emma was in her room when i left, in a bathrobe, drying her hair. She looked so grown up, sexy looking. i dont think i had seen her room so tidy in weeks! no dirty knickers on the floor, no tampons on the top of her dresser, very tidy!
make sure you lock the door emma, i says
ok dad no problem. when will you be back? 
not till about 5 i said, letting her know she had a few hours free with that little twerp.

i thought she would get him round to the house as soon as she could, so i gave it 20 mins then drove back round to the house. i parked the car around the corner so she wouldnt see the car, then walked back up to the gate. i peeked round the hedge and sure enough, a silver Toyota in the driveway. Must be his dads car. i could see into the living room but seen no signs of movement, so i slipped round the hedge and along the side of the house.

i was feeling bit nervous, bit horny, bit excited. i didnt know what i was gonna see, what i wanted to see, how i would feel if i seen. I had my angry dad routine arranged in my head if i got caught spying on them. 

i slipped through the back door in silence. All quiet. then i hear a giggle from upstairs. my heart was racing, i didnt know what i was doing...

i slipped my shoes off and moved to the foot of the stairs. another giggle. i moved silently up and stood on the landing. her door was open a bit. i was nervous. i moved slowly along the wall and peeked in.

Emma was lying on her back on the bed. her robe was open, i could see bare breasts, bare belly, eyes closed tight, heavy breathing. i moved forward a bit and seen...

it was not the boy from the pool. it was a man, maybe my age, maybe older.
What the fuck!!!

He had his head buried btw my daughters open legs. my 13 year old daughter. My cock sprang up in an instant. Who the fuck was this??

i heard her soft moans as he moved his head around down there. i could hardly breathe. her chest was heaving up and down, her face flushed, little red patches appearing on her neck. my cock was rock hard watching her.

he moved up for air and i heard emma's nervous giggle and his deep laugh. he sounded nervous. Was that ok? she asked him. You taste so sweet baby he murmed back to her. he stood up and took off his shirt and jeans and boxers. his cock was standing thick and hard. he looked slim and toned, looked like her did some sport or working out. he was at least 40-45 years old. who the hell was he??

emma sat up on the bed and slipped the bath robe off her slender shoulders. she looked so beautiful naked. her face was about 2 inches from this mans thick cock. she couldnt take her eyes off it. her face was flushed and she looked excited.

Want to suck it like last time? he asked. Oh my God i was thinking, how long has this been goin on??
If you want it like that... she replied.
Open your little mouth.. then he whispered to her

I seen Emma hesitate for a second then lean forward a bit and open her soft young mouth.
He put his hands on either side of her head and guided his cock into that mouth. she closed her lips round it and he started to slowly move his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. she looked up at him and tried to smile with her mouth full of cock. i thought i was going to cum, she looked so cute

Ready now? he asked and she nodded her head.
he started to move faster, fucking my little girls mouth with his mans cock. he kept her head still as he thrusted. i could see her eyes gettin wider and he pushed deeper into her mouth. she started to gag and he pulled out quickly. Emma gasped for breath for a second, saliva dripping from her mouth.
You ok?... he asked
its ok... she said, looking down were her saliva had dripped onto her thigh, its just hard sumtimes...
i know... he replied, but you know it makes me happy?
i know... she mumbled. ok try it again...

she opened her mouth again and he started to thrust quickly. her eyes were wide as she tried to accomodate his thick cock in her small mouth, he pushed deeper and deeper as i watched. she started to gag again but her didnt pull out, he held her head and seemed to push even deeper into her. her face was goin purple and he was starting to moan.

wanna stop...? he asked her
emma managed to shake her head, her mouth spread wide open with that cock shoved in her
good girl he whispered before jerking his hips back and forth, pushing deeper into my little girls throat with very thrust. Suddenly he gave a deep moan and i seen thick white cum start to ooze from the corner of emmas mouth. it dripped off her chin onto her legs before he pulled his cock from her mouth. A thick wad of cum spilled from her mouth as he withdrew, and she gasped for breath. he was breathing heavily and rubbing her cheek as she looked up at him.

did i do it good this time?.... she asked
he looked down at her, then took his saliva and cum soaked cock in his hand and rubbed it over her cheeks
really good baby... he mumbled back to her
emma was trying to kiss the end of his cock as he rubbed it round her. she flicked her tongue out and licked the end of it.
what would your daddy think of you now?... he asked
i froze. emma went bright red and looked down
you know he would be cross... she said
he would be proud of you i think... he chuckled. remember the first time we did this, you had no idea?
emma giggled - shut up you... she laughed, i was only 11 remember!!

my cock throbbed in my boxers. i wanted it to be me....
i better go, he said to her, before the wife rings me
i know... she said, looking sad. We do i again tho? she looked up at him with hope
you know we will... he said. remember what i told you about staying the night next month, make sure your dad wont guess ok?
its ok, she said. i have him round my wee finger !!

emma stood up from the bed and i quickly made my exit

 this is a fantasy, occuring about a month after the holiday....

Emma announces that Lisa is coming for a sleepover on Saturday

Is she now? i ask, trying not to to think of her naked
yea, she gonna be here all day, its cool! she says 
no1 asked me! i grumped back at her

i was annoyed. after the holiday i had lay awake every night for a week, feeling shit for what had happened. i expected lisa to tell someone, expected her father to arrive at my door at any moment with a stick in his hand...
i told myself that could never happen again, i could never let it go so far again. it should never have happened.
i felt so guilty, i hated myself. and now here she was coming to my house, staying overnight, tempting me. i hoped she would not come...

she arrived on Saturday at lunch time, overnight bag over her shoulder. her father dropped her off at the door and i went out to say hi

thanks for this, he said, lisa said you told her it was ok
i.... eh yea, i said, confused. she hadnt sopken to me about it?
would you drop her over 2moro before lunch? he asked
yea sure no problem, my mind wandering.

he drove off and i went in. Emma and Lisa were sitting on the sofa looking at me
what? i asked
can we go to the pool please? said emma
now? i asked
yes now! emma laughed. lisa just gave me a blank smile.

30 mins later i was handing over money for the 3 of us at the pool. The girls raced off to the female changing rooms and i wandered into the male changing room on my own. the sign on the door said no girls over 7 years old were allowed. i had taken emma here until she was almost 9, taking her in with me. she had no objection to stripping off in front of all the others - i guess she was used to being naked around the house and being naked around me so it just seemed natural to her. i noticed the furtive glances of other men at her bare skin, her naked body on show. it kinda excited me. i used to tell her to take her time getting dressed, there was no rush. alot of men cast secret glances at her. i also noticed her every now and then lookin at the other mens cocks. that had excited me as well.

they were in the pool already. Emma had her black speedo 1 piece on, which was getting to small for her - i noticed how tight it was around her pussy mound. Lisa had a light pink bikini on, but she was virtually naked. the bikini bottoms had string ties and the top had as well. she looked amazing. no tan lines on top i noticed - i wondered if any other men had noticed that was well. or if her dad had commented on it?? both the girls looked sexy, still tanned and healthy looking. Emmas little tits were showed off perfectly. 

I watched Lisa climb out at sit on the edge of the pool beside Emma who was chatting to 2 boys of about 16 or 17. Lisa's camel toe was pronounced, her nipples showing easily through the wet pink material. my cock was hard, i was thinking i have fucked that little sexy bitch. she was very sexual and she knew it, flicking her hair back and flirting. emma was flirting as well. i watched her intently. She was leaning back and pushing her chest out on purpose. i watched the boy checking out her tits, saying something to his mate. I seen emma giggle and put one hand over her little breasts, pretending to be embarrased. she pushed him away and he went to nip her ass, she jumped back in and he jumped in after her. i have fantasized about her having sex before - never with me but with other grown men, in the fantasy she is always a willing partner, Now I imagined her with his thick cock pushed into her mouth, gagging on it as he filled her mouth with sperm

Lisa was still talking to his mate, flirting like mad. i seen her looking at me out of the corner of her eye. little minx. she was laughing at something he was saying and put her hand on his leg. little flirt. i wanted to fuck her again. they were laughing about something and i seen his hand pluck at the string on her bikini bottoms. she squealed and slid her little bum off the edge of the pool into the water.

i was in foul mood so i got out.

I neve really sopke to them on the way home. they were chatting about the boys they were talking to at the pool. Emmas mobile beeped and they giggled at some text she got

Did you give that lad your mobile number? i asked, trying to sound cross.
no! she was defiant, showing off in front of Lisa
it must have been him, wee minx
How old is he? i asked
17 dad, she mumbled, then they both laughed again.

they went to get a dvd while i sat in the car. i heard a beep, it was emmas fone lying on the back seat.

DONT TELL HIM THEN said the text. it must be that wee git she was chatting to at the pool. i flicked through her messages. her last sent 1 said CAN MEET U BUT MY DAD WUD FREAK XX 

i texted - WOT U WANNA DO? XX

i deleted all the texts and threw the phone in the back seat.

its about 9pm. emma has been textin her new bf all night. have seen her face going red a few times, seen her show stuff to lisa, they both giggle.

Emma dont forget am goin to the match tomorrow, i say
are ya? she looks happy
yea will  you be ok for 2-3 hours on your own? i ask
yea course, she is beaming. she gives lisa a knowing look, then lifts her phone to text 

i go to bed in a foul mood, i cant stop thinking about what happened with lisa, and i know i cant do anything else. she is being odd as well, not speaking much. i cant do anything, its wrong. i say night and go to bed, strip naked and lie in my bed. i play with my hard cock for a minute then drift off.

i wake with a start, a noise in the room. it takes a moment to focus then see lisa lift the duvet and slide in beside me. its 1.45am

what the hell are you doin?? i hiss
why u being weird wif me?? she asks
am not! i whisper
yer you are, she retorts
shush, i say, you will wake emma
jesus she snores like a pig, Lisa giggles, and i giggle too
you should go back to bed now, i say. am keeping my hands by my sides. i can feel the warmth of her body in the bed. her leg brushes my leg, bare skin on bare skin. she has pjs on  - shorts and a vest top. cute looking. 
did you tell any1 wot we did? she asks suddenly
fuck me no of course i havent! i say, did u??
no way, she laughs, daddy wud kill me and u!
please go back to your bed, i say. am too tempted, too aware of how tight she felt on hols, too aware of just how sexy this girl is. my cock is stirring
was it ok? she asks. i dont know what to say.
was i crap? she asks again
lisa, just go back to bed please before emma catches us, i say.

her hand moves onto my leg, my cock is still and hard. she slides her hand up, brushing past my balls, onto my shaft, running her fingertips along the length. i am on fire

lisa please, i say
do u not like it? she says
i lke it too much, i say, my cock throbbing
i cud suck it if you like? 
how do you know about  that?? i ask
seen it on a dvd, she whispers

before i can answer her head dissapears under the duvet. fucking hell. i feel her soft wet mouth on the head of my dick, her tongue flicks the end, and it goes into her mouth. she is sucking just the end, her teeth scraping my skin, it kind of hurts. i move her head off and kiss her lips, then push her head back down again. she starts to suck again and i push her head down on my cock, am so turned on. she gags a bit and i keep my hand on the back of her head, so she cant pull back. i move my hips and push my cock in further and she gets a bit better at it, sucking deeper. i am full of lust for her, imagine forcing her, being rough. 

i pull her up and tell her to strip. she pulls of her top and slides quickly out of her pj bottoms. i see her little naked body in front of me. i grab her to me and suck hard on both her nipples, biting gently. they get erect  in my mouth. she is breathing heavily, gripping onto me. i cup her tiny little ass cheeks in my hand, she moans quietly. her hand moves down to my cock and strokes it.

i lay her down on her stomach on the bed, straddling her. i kiss the back of her neck, lick my way down her spine to her cute little rear end. i lick both her soft ass cheeks. then i pull her cheeks open. i lick down the crack of her ass and then lick her tiny little anus. she is squirming under me. i probe more, forcing the end of my tongue into her sweet little hole, then give her long wet licks. her bum hole is slippy with my saliva, i am so turned on. i sit back and quickly slide my middle finger deep into her ass. she gasps and tries to pull away from me, but i keep my finger in there, moving it in and out slowly. i feel her anus contract around my finger. i keep probing, she is wriggling on the bed. i pull it out then and watch her anus close up again. i i reach my hand under her hips, up between her legs and caress her clit. she is soaking down there. i position myself so that the tip of my cock is resting on her bum hole. there is no way thats gonna fit up there i think to myself.  i lean my weight forward and put pressure on her anus. she is pulling away from me but i press on, wanting to force myself up her ass. she reaches round and tries to push me off her, grabs at my cock, she is saying no, no, no....

i lift her hips and place her on her knees in front of me. she is so fucking sexy, so open, so dirty. i put my cock against her against her little soaking pussy. 

dont make it hurt ok? she whispers

emmas bedroom door opens. we both freeze. i hear her feet padding across the hall way to the bathroom. i hold my breath. lisa is silent. this is such a turn on. the bathroom light goes on and i hear emma pee in the toilet. i push myself forward and.... bliss, my cock slips easily into her tight little cunt. she gasps loudly, pushes back against me hard. emma is still peeing. i move in and out, lisa is breathing heavily. she is so wet, her pussy feels like velvet. its heaven. god i want to fuck her. emma's pee stops. i start to thrust quickly, in and out, lisa is pushing her ass back against me.

i lean forward and whisper in he ear - u like having sex?
yes she whispers. sexy little bitch 
u want me to fuck you? i ask
yessss she whispers.

and i thrust into her again, hard and fast, fuck she is so tight.
i hear emma going back to her room, will she notice Lisa isnt there?
lisa is moaning, she seems to love it
i cant hold back much longer, i pull my cock out of her pussy and press it against her bum hole. i give a push and i start to cum. wad after wad of my hot sperm shoots into her tight little ass hole. i reach round and rub her clit roughly, she is moaning loudly, out of breath.i pull my cock from her ass and see my sperm leak from her, i see her anus contracting, pushing the sperm out.

i collapse on the bed beside her, exhausted. i give her a tissue and she wipes her bum
yuk its well messy, she giggles
sorry, i say. i kinda feel bad
its ok i dont mind, she whispers

we both sit in silence for a moment, then i look over and notice she is asleep. she looks so cute naked. i can still see her tan lines from the holiday, her cute little bum shining white against her tanned back. i rest my hand on her soft little ass cheeks and fall asleep....

  this is fantasy, a follow on from Emma (Part 2) and a development of my conversation with the 49 yr old on msn

probably the best Tickle Chase ever happened in June in the villa in Crete. I was there with Emma, my 112yr old daughter and Lisa, my 110yr old niece, the daughter of my ex wifes brother. Despite his sister being a bitch, i am still quite friendly with him. Its his villa (he is loaded) and he was meant to be there, but he had to stay behind after a manager in his company was involved in a car accident.

so off i headed, just me and Emma and Lisa. I was looking forward to it in some ways, dreading it in others - stuck in a villa on my own and responsible for 2 girls.

They sunbathed for the 1st 2 days, and i lay beside the pool and read a book. Lisa is slim, not like Emma at all. her chest was completely flat, not a bump, and she had a skinny ass - i like big round asses. she was still nice to look at tho, and i watched them fry in the sun in their skimpy bikinis quite happily. 

on the 3rd day, i overheard Lisa complaining to Emma about her tan lines over her shoulders. 
its only me and emma here sure why dont u take ur top off? I butted in quickly
oh! she said, surprised. she didnt know what to say. she looked at emma, waiting on her to say something.
its ok, i said, i wont tell on you or anything
I will too, said emma, and that was that. emma pulled her top off without a second thought, exposing her little bare breasts. they were starting to come up nicely. her nipples were large, pink and puffy. Lisa looked at me then slowly took her bikini top off, keeping 1 hand over her nipples. i watched out of the corner of my eye. her nipples were quite dark, large and round, but completely flat. i watched emma rub suncream into her soft boobs, then lisa did the same, smearing the cream over her flat chest. they both settled back and soaked up the sun while i looked at their buds and secretly stroked my cock.

I had taken Emma to buy her first bra about a year before. she didnt really need 1, but her nipples were getting puffier and you could notice them through her school blouse. so we went to M&S in town, were we picked a couple of plain white trainer bras for her to try on. she went into the changing rooms and after a moment called me in to look. i didnt know if i should go in but what the hell... and there she was, standing in just her knickers and the bra. 
it looks crap, she said, and whipped it off
try another, i said and so she tried on another 3 or 4, all the while giving me a lovely display of her little boobs.
we left with 3 30AA bras, and i bought her some nice (quite sexy) bra and knickers sets which made her smile.
since then i have bought her some more adult lingerie, thongs etc, which i enjoy getting a quick flash of the odd time...  

the next day the girls sunbathed topless again. I had heard Lisa saying to emma that her dad would go mad if she knew she had taken her top off in front of someone, and i heard emma tell her not to worry cos i would never tell. so they both lay out again, both in skimpy bikini bottoms are bare chests. heaven. over the next day or so, lisa got more relaxed and walked around the villa in just her bottoms. emma rarely wore a top, just bikini bottoms, so i got to see their boobs nearly all day every day..

the fun started as i dozed off in the sun one day. i could hear giggles in the background, and then ARGH! cold pool water threw into my lap. i jumped up, wide awake,  2 see the 2 little topless minxs running for the apartment. i laughed and gave chase, my shorts soaked. i caught emma in the bedroom and made a grab for her. she was laughing s much she couldnt even try to escape, and i got her down on the bed and tickled her ribs and belly. her gorgeous soft skin felt lovely. my hand managed to cup her breasts as we wrestled and she giggled again. 

naughty daddy, she laughed at me
i gave her little breasts a cheeky squeeze, and to my surprise she put her hand on my shorts and gave my semi hard cock a squeeze. i gave her a smile
naughty emma, i said, feeling myself stiffen. she hadnt taken her hand off yet.
lets get lisa, she grinned...

i sneaked out of the room and heard lisa trying not to giggle in the living room. i crept in slowly behind her and stuck my fingers in her ribs. she gave a yelp and jumped a mile high. i grabbed her round the waist and got her onto the sofa, tickling her ribs and her knees. she laughed and laughed. she felt boney and skinny compared to emma.

stop please stop, she gasped, i cant breathe
i lay beside her on the sofa, aware that my rock hard cock was pressing into her leg. Emma ran in and sat on the chair watchin us.
had enough? i asked, or do u 2 want some more? a glint in my eye...
yuk ur shorts are soaking me, she moaned, but still smiling
you soaked me!! i answered
you shouldnt have been being rude then, Emma laughed
eh?? i didnt understand...
you had your hand on ur penis, lisa said, then went bright red..
i smiled - well you 2 sexy little girls are parading around half naked, whats a man 2 do! i said

we all looked at each other then we all laughed. 
dad your soaking the sofa, emma complained
sorry, i said, peeling my hard on off lisa's leg. i moved off the sofa and stood up

will i? wont i? my mind was racing, i didnt know how far to push this. lisa might tell, then i would be fucked. she was shy but i had an idea not as shy as she made out to be... my heart pounded. my head was swimming. my cock was hard and pulsing in my wet shorts. i didnt know how lisa would react....

fuck it i thought. i hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and pulled them off. i stood there, naked, with a thick hard cock standing proud in front of me. jesus i was nervous. say something, say something....

well you do did soak me! i giggled

lisa was looking at my cock. emma was looking at my cock...

get him, emma shouted and they both jumped up. emma pushed me towards the sofa and i let them push me down. little hands were all over me as i pretended to fight back. i could feel hands tickling my ribs, my knees, my feet. i loved the feel of emmas soft bare body pressing on mine. 

get off,  i yelled, secretly hoping they would never get off.

i felt a hand grab my cock and squeeze. i didnt even know whose hand it was, but it was erotic as hell. the hand left and my cock was grabbed again. i could hear lisa laughing out loud, get it she said to emma...

i made a move and grabbed Lisa's bikini bottoms, gave them a yank. i could see half of her little white ass showing, so i pulled again, i could hear her squealing, trying to pull them back up, but i managed to get them over her slim hips and down her thighs...  she was giggling and trying to grab them, but i managed to pull them off. emma made a grab for my cock and gave it a squeeze again. lisa jumped off the sofa and i seen her kick her bikini bottoms off completely. she was slim, a smaller mound than emma, but completely bare. it looked lovely. emma jumped off 2 and they made a run for the bedroom, giggling and half tripping over themselves. emma was behind, and i grabbed her bikini bottoms as she reached the door. she lunged forward and the bottoms slipped down over her big fat bum. she fell forward onto the bed, giggling and squealing and i yanked the bikini bottoms down to her ankles. i had a lovely view, her round soft ass, and her plump pussy lips between her gorgeous bare legs.i held her down on the bed, my ass resting on her big ass, holding her hands above her head. i was out of breath and so was she. lisa was standing giggling on the far side of the bed, watchin us closely. my cock was standing up stiff, twitching. fuck i was horny. this was bad, i was nervous. i didnt mind being like this with emma, but i didnt know wat lisa would say. 

let her go now, lisa laughed
make me,  challenged back

she ran round to me giggling, went behind my back and i could feel her hands on my ribs. i wriggled about and pretended i couldnt escape. emma wriggled out from under me and jumped off the bed. she walked out saying she had to pee really bad. i turned round and grabbed lisa. she couldnt stop laughing. i pushed her onto the bed, face down and nipped her cute little bare ass.
owww!! she squealed. i gave her ass another squeeze and she giggled. 
had enough? i asked
i win, she says back 
how you figure that? i asked, thinking i would love to kiss her bare shoulders
cos i seen ur willy, she says. i lifted my weight off her and she turned round to face me, still under my body.
so? i say, i seen ur bare bum and ur bare pussy, i venture..
so?? she says, giving me a defiant look.

 am wondering were emma is. must still be in the loo. am very horny, very nervous. the tip of my cock is level with her belly button. i dont say a thing, but move my weight on my arms so that my hips move back, and the head of my cock goes lower, lying on her stomach. i move my hips back again and leave a little trail of pre-cum from her belly button down to the top of her slit. she is watching me intently. i am breathing heavily, scared, nervous. 

the shower turns on in the bathroom.
am goin for a shower dad, shouts my daughter

i press the tip of my cock against her skin, applying pressure on her tiny clit. she doesnt say anything, so i push forward again, putting more pressure on her young vagina. i move back and forth slowly, as if we are fucking, pushing down slightly harder on her clit each time. my semen is making her slippy and my cock slides asily ove rher skin. she starts to breathe a bit heavier, looks to the side, her face is red now, neck and chest coming out in a heat rash. i can hear emma splashing in the shower.

she looks up at me
dont make it hurt ok?? she snaps, and before i can answer she lifts her legs and opens them slightly. i look down at her cute little pussy, all pink and engorged, puffy. her labia are open, inviting, she looks slick with juice. or it could be my semen, am not sure. i balance on 1 hand and guide my cock onto her little hole. my cock looks far 2 big for her.

are you sure lisa? i have to ask, scared stiff
yes, she murmers, just dont go hard

i push a little but i dont think i am goin to go into her. she tries to pull back from me as i push forward but i forced myself forward again. i looked down and seen the tip of my cock inside those sweet pink lips, stretched wide

go easy, she hisses. my mind is racing, heart thumping, what am i doing??? i cant believe i am doing this
i push again and.... in it goes, the whole head, slips inside her. i gasp, she gasps and grips my arm tightly
i move slowly, rocking back and forth, her pussy is soooo tight its almost painful for me. i move back and forth, her wetness now allowing me to slide in and out slightly. my cock is throbbing. with each push she gasps, her breathing shallow and quick

is it ok lisa? i ask
mmmmmm yes, she bites her lip. she seems to like this
will i stop now babe? i ask again, scared i am going too far
no! she hisses back, gripping me. 

i push hard and more of me slides inside her, she pushes her hips back against me and cries out, in pain and in pleasure. i cant take any more, i push hard into her and she moans again, holding me tightly. she rocks with me as i fuck her small pussy - she looks so cute, so sexual, so aroused.

i cant stop, my sperm is pumping into her, i moan loudly, my cock throbs, her pussy is convulsing round me as i fill her with my sperm.

i roll off her and lie on my back, my half limp cock resting on my belly. i dont know what 2 say to her.
the shower turns of fin the bathroom.
lisa sits up and leans over and kisses the end of my wet cock and giggles.

mr softy!! she laughs and jumps off the bed. she runs for the door stark naked and i hear the splash as she jumps in the pool.

emma walks into the room and looks at my limp dick lyin on my belly. she giggles and points - hey mr softy - she says.

want tickled again?? i ask and jump up off the bed as she squeals and laughs....

the holiday was over the next day, so there was no more fun to be had. it was slightly awkward between myself and lisa the next day, she didnt say much to me the entire journey home. i was in a depressed state - feeling guilty for what i had done, feeling bad that i had went so far. in my mind i expected her to tell, expected to be beaten to a pulp by my brother, arrested and branded a pedo, dis-owned by my family and friends..... at the airport at home emma ran to the toilet and left me and lisa on our own. "I am sorry" i said, feeling akward. she looked at me and said "Dont  you ever tell we did that ok?" and i said "are you gonna tell?" and she said "of course i am not!!" 

thank god i thought

 Just a note - most of my fantasies develop from conversations i have with older men on msn were i am pretending to be a girl, age range is usually 12-14. This fantasy is a follow on from a conversation i started with an english guy at the weekend. he is divorced, 49 years old, and believes me to be a 13 year old girl. He was quite open about his lust for young girls  

The game of Tickle Chase started when Emma was 110 years old. She got into my bed 1 night during a really bad thunder storm - it was actually quite scary, the house was shaking.

 i woke up the next morning with a georgeous view - she was lying on her belly and her nightie had ridden up around her waist. There was her cute little bare ass in all its glory - round, chubby and white. She had gotten a bad case of thrush when she was 9 and she had done exactly as the doctor told her - stopped wearing any underwear in bed. Lucky for me lol.

As i was admiring this lovely sight she stirred, turned around and opened her eyes.  She turned to face me, so now ii had a view of her soft, pink pussy mound and round belly. yum. She realised sleepily that she was flashing and pulled her nightie down to cover herself

hey sleepy head, i said, giving her smile
hey daddy, she mumbled back
we gotta get up for church hun, i said
noooooooooooooo please, she groaned
ok 2 minutes then we get up, i say

there was silence for about 5 minutes before her hand snaked across the bed and a finger poked me in the ribs. I jumped.  

Oi cheeky! i laughed
lets skip church daddy please, she laughed.
naughty girl, i said, and give her a quick poke in the ribs with my finger

she squeals and crumples up on the bed. i poke her again and she giggles DAD!
i take my chance and poke her again, she can stop laughing and doubles up on the bed, trying to avoid my fingers as i look for somewere to poke. she reaches out her hand and tries to get me in the ribs again, tickling me until i try to roll away from her. i grab at her again and she wriggles on the bed, laughing and squealing. we both stop for a breath. she is lying on her belly, her nightie is up round her waist again, her bare ass in all its glory... but she knows i can see and she isnt covering up?

i think twice before i do it - then I pinch her big soft bare bum. she squeals again and wiggles her bum 
Daddy dont, she laughs, but she doesnt pull her nightie down, her sexy round bum is still staring up at me
my dick is stirrign in my boxers....
You gotta get up then, i challenge her
she smiles back at me, No, she says
want ur bum nipped again? i ask. this is exciting, i can feel my dick growing harder 
no, she squeals back but again doesnt cover her sexy little ass
i walk my fingertips over the bed towards her as she giggles, then i give her big bare bum a another nip
Owww!! she laughs and goes to jump off the bed. i make a grab for her and catch the tail end of her nightie. she slides off the end of my bed and her nightie pulls right up to her neck. she twists round, glggling and laughing, and her nightie comes right off in my hand. she is sitting on her bum on the floor beaside the bed - all i can see is the back of her neck and her bare shoulders...

Shit, she says...
Emma! i say, no swearing, trying to sound cross.

jesus i am excited now. i know she is stark naked there, no nightie, no bra, no knickers. Completely naked.

U gonna get dressed now? i ask
No she laughs back
am feeling brave, and excited.
Want more nips?? i laugh

and she stands up, facing me. i cant take my eyes off her, standing there naked. her bare legs, soft bare pussy mound, her round cute pot-belly, those big round puffy pink nipples on her still flat chest. Emma is a little bit heavy, has round hips, soft curves, and i find that extremely sexy. my dick is now rock hard in my boxers.

You gotta catch me daddy she laughs, and turns to run for the door, her lovely little fat bum wobbling as she moves.

i jump out of bed and make a grab for her but she makes it into her own bedroom were she jumps onto the bed. i jump on with her and tickle her ribs. she is giggling and laughing, still completely naked underr me. i can feel the heat of her soft bare skin on mine, my dick aches. she doubles up and i cant get at her ribs properly, so i grab her feet. she squeals loudly and rolls onto her back, her legs slightly apart. i am looking at her little pink labia, exposed to me. i cant stop looking - its exciting, erotic. and very very taboo.

dont daddy i will pee myself, she laughs, out of breath
get dressed then, i say
hey no fair, she says to me, i am in the nude and your not!

i dont know what to say. she is looking at the bulge in my boxers. then she lunges forward and makes a grab for them, her hand gripping the waistband. i am genuinely embarrassed, feeling bad for my obvious erection. i feel ashamed, dirty, perverted. 

dont emma, i mutter to her, trying to pull the waistband back up again
spoilsport, she laughs, and with a yank, the top of my hard dick slips out of the boxers. i dont know what to do, what to say. this is awkward. i start to say sorry but she giggles "daddy got a boner, daddy got a boner" and i burst out laughing. i move to get up and she yanks my boxers right down to my thighs. my thick hard cock is standing to attention. i look at it. emma looks at it. then lunges forward and pokes me in the ribs again

we fall onto the bed, both of us naked, tickling at each other. the feel of her bare skin is so exciting. it feels like velvet on my dick. i use my strength to get her on her back and sit on her bare legs. she is giggling and tries to tickle me in the ribs again. i grab her hands and hold them above her head. we both stop, out of breath.

this is very, very strange. she is totally naked, her big round nipples under my face, my balls are resting on her pussy mound. my dick is lying on her soft stomach, her skin feels burning hot. she peers down at my dick and laughs.

this is weird, she says to me, smiling
very weird, i say, smiling back

we both say nothing for a minute, am looking at her soft breast buds, wondering how soft they would feel in my mouth, and i know she is looking at my hard dick.

i better get dressed, she says, laughing
agreed, i say, thinkin we have to get up before something happens
i release her arms and she gets up off the bed. She heads for the door and i hit that sexy little bare bum a slap as i walk past her. We both laugh

and thats how it started. we have played Tickle Chase quite a few times since, although we have only ended up naked again once. its usually me in my boxers and emma in a nightie. and thankfully she never wears knickers or bra to bed. the sexual tension when we play this is almost unbearable. i know it excites her, and its abvious it excites me. it was emma who brought up the fact that we shouldnt tell anyone, and i couldnt agree more.

 another true occurance, erotic fun

mark (my lover / abuser) lived an a terraced house, and in the family next door there were 2 sons and a younger daughter. the eldest son KL, was the same age as me, and i believe that Mark was doing the same things with him as he was with me, and aslo with K'Ls cousin Noel, who again would have been the same age. Noel had an older sister Eileen, and a younger sister Shona.

I can remember that Mark had a habit of pulling knickers down - i rem him taking Shona's knickers off and getting her to show me and him her pussy (she was prob about 8), i rem him pulling down the jog bottoms and knickers of another girl called Julie in front of maybe another 3 or 4 people, it reduced her to tears. she would have been maybe 12 or 13 at the time, had hair down below. I also rem him getting his own younger sister to strip naked for us in his house (he would have been maybe 16 at the time, she would have been maybe 7 or 8). he once lay on top of her in front of me and pretended to fuck her but there was no penetration. i was later told that he had to get out of his house because he had been caught in bed with her (he would have been early 20's at the time), but i dont know if this is true.

anyway, back to the story...

Mark told me that one night Eileen was babysitting KL and his younger brother and sister (LL). he went to the door to ask KL something and didnt know Eileen was there. She would have been maybe 14 at the time, Mark about 17. She let him into the house and they were all watching a film on TV. KL was in the living room, younger brother was in bed, younger sister (who must only have been 8 or 9) was still up as well. KL and LL were on armchairs, Mark and Eileen on sofa. he started tickling her and groping at her and they were messing about. she kept telling him to stop but he kept persisting and it got more daring. Eventually he says he pulled her top up and tried to pull her bra off. she protested and told him not with the other there. he says he just told them not to look and with a bit more persuasion he got her to take her bra off under her tshirt. he played with her tits while the he kept telling the younger kids to keep their eyes on the tv. he says he eventually got her tshirt off, so she was topless. in front of the others. he says she protested alot but he just used his strength to get her stripped and held her down. he says that LL didnt look but that KL kept looking over to watch. he sucked her bare tits, then fingered her then eventually got her jeans and knickers off and licked her pussy. this all happened with KL and LL in the same room!

i cant know if this is definitely true, but i dont know why he would lie. he never has before. and if it is true, its very, very erotic!

 this is true, happened when i was 13 years old, and is a fond memory.

as you may or may not know, my early experience of sex was with an older boy. one night a group of us slept in a tent at the front of our houses. there was me, my abuser / lover, and 3 other friends. 

as we chatted in the pitch darkness, i could feel his hand roaming over my sleeping bag. we talked on with the other, laughing and joking as if nothing was happening. in the darkness they could see nothing. 

his hand rubbed at my little hard cock through my sleeping bag. then under the cover of the noise of conversation, i could feel the zipper of my bag being pulled down slowly as far as my thigh. no1 heard. i shifted my position so that he had easier access, and i felt his hand on my bare leg (i was wearing only a tshirt and boxer shorts). he rubbed at my cock for a minute through my underwear, then slipped a hand inside onto my bare, hard dick. i was scared that we would get caught, someone would notice. it was exciting, naughty, daring. he fondled me, rubbing at my cock and my balls, squeezin me and caressing me. 

i moved my hand over and to give him squeeze and found out that his sleeping bag was wide open and his hard cock was bare! i ran my fingers up and down his shaft as he rubbed at me. he pulled at my boxers and i lifted my bum up to let him tug them down. i was so excited.

all the time the conversation flowed, all of us telling jokes and stories, both myself and mark joining in.

i gripped his dick and he shifted his weight, took his hand off my balls. for a second nothing happened, then i felt his hot wet mouth taking my cock in, his tongue running in circles around the head. 

fuckin hell this was risky!!

i lifted my hips and pushed towards his mouth as he squeezed my balls and sucked hard. i pumped his cock quickly with my hand and within about 20 secs i felt him twitch and felt his hot sticky sperm splash on my arm. with that i shot my spunk into his mouth and he swallowed and sucked greedily at me. neither of us made a sound.


we covered ourselves up again in the darkness and we chatted on, everyone oblivious as to what had just happened.


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